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Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

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Lawrence J. Absatz DMD

Professional Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile makes a statement, so who doesn’t want a bright healthy one. Modern advancement is allowing us to have the smile we want. Transforming smiles by discreetly enhancing imperfections is what Dr. Absatz excels at. Dr. Absatz can help you get the smile you desire with cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Absatz specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry where he has transformed many smiles with his skills.

You don’t like the color of your teeth? Dr. Absatz can enhance with Zoom bleaching, cosmetic bonding or cosmetic porcelain veneers. Have crooked teeth? Correcting and aligning your bite can be corrected with Invisalign. Have decayed or broken teeth? Dr. Absatz can help by creating treatment options that help restore or replace your teeth to give you that confidence to smile again. Have a lot of metal fillings?  Restoring with tooth colored cosmetic bonding is the way to go. Do you currently wear a removable partial or denture? Dr. Absatz can devise a plan for a more permanent fixed solution.

The options in cosmetic dentistry can enhance any smile. Contact our office today for FREE consultation (excluding x-rays for new patients).


- Smile makeovers

- Zoom!™ In-office whitening

- Tooth colored fillings

- Metal Free Dentistry

- Bonding / gap closing

Cosmetic services that make a difference

invisalign file-12 new-file-13

- Porcelain crowns

- Porcelain veneers

- Dental implant restorations and more

- Complete and partial dentures


A better alternative to the traditional metal brackets and wires is Invisalign. Dr. Absatz treats patients with a series of custom-made clear aligners that are worn throughout the day for a disciplined length of time, removing the aligners only to brush, floss and eat. The series of aligners are strategically designed to gradually shift teeth into alignment creating better function and smile which is a big plus when compared to fixed traditional braces.